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Investigation of the indoor environment on the university campus in Luleå

Several investigations of the buildings in the university area of Luleå have been carried out, on behalf of the property owner, Akademiska hus, due to the fact that staff staying in the premises reported health problems. Buildings erected in the 1970s have in many cases been found to have construction design faults that have had a negative impact on the indoor environment.

A special project for indoor environment and health will be carried out during 2019-2020, the purpose of which is to ensure methodology for handling and investigating health problems linked to the indoor environment in the university area of ​​Luleå. Staff and students will be kept constantly informed about investigations, measures and effects, including through this website.

For a number of years various activities have been carried out to deal with obvious deficiencies in the indoor environment in some of the university's buildings in Luleå. The different buildings in the picture above are given different colors, depending on whether or not problems in the indoor environment persist. The problems that remain and which are judged to have a negative impact on the indoor environment will be followed up and addressed.

A, B, small D, E, green light. No deviations

C-house, yellow / red light. There are deviations, further investigation is ongoing Investigation of the indoor environment was carried out in corridor C100 in 2018 due to reported health problems. The investigation shows that a number of structural technical deviations / damage occur with potential negative impact on the indoor environment. Investigation of whole house C is ongoing.

D-house, red light. Deviation exists Investigation and comprehensive measures have been taken in 2012-2013. Subsequently, follow-up studies have been carried out on the basis of reported health problems that did not show any deviations. However, supplementary moisture survey conducted in 2018 finds that there are general problems with floors in floor 2 that require further investigation. In January 2019, the results of a new survey of the entire D-house were presented, which showed extensive moisture-related damage in the building.

F-house, red light. Deviation exists Roof leakage 2012-2017, measures implemented 2017-2018. Investigation of the Environmental Wing carried out in 2015 due to reported health problems showed high levels of chemical substances from saponification. A number of approaches have been taken. Follow-up investigations, due to continued reporting of health problems, were conducted in 2018 and 2019. The investigation shows a number of building technical deviations that are considered to have the potential to have a negative impact on the indoor environment. Evacuation of personnel is planned.

K-house, red light. Deviation exists The investigation shows moisture-related damage in the older part's outer wall. Complementary examination of the roof shows no extensive damage.