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The university takes immediate action in the F-house

Published: 23 October 2019

On October 16, the landlord Akademiska hus and Luleå University of Technology held an information meeting for students about the F-house's indoor environment. Here are answers to the questions that were asked during the meeting.

The University is working intensively on the following measures:

F300-Corridor Akademiska hus has found moisture-related damage in the exterior walls of this corridor. According to Akademiska hus, this may involve an increased risk of suffering from health problems. Therefore, uthe University has immediately moved lessons from the lecture halls in this corridor. A temporary exception is F 341. In the case of F 341, which is a large auditorium, the university is trying to find a functioning replacement room as soon as possible. This will be solved until January 2020. The halls used for examination in the F-300 corridor will be replaced as soon as possible.

F-40 examination room In this examination room, Akademiska hus has found problems with increased moisture indications in several places in the floor. Different odors occur from glued surface layers under the floor. The university is working to find replacement premises as soon as possible . When this is solved, the university will announce this on the student web, via the unions and in the examination schedule.

The computer rooms in the F-house The University is looking for alternative solutions to existing computer rooms in the F-house. The issue will be addressed in the university's management group (RCG) on 30 October.

Student lab in the F-house The University is reviewing alternative solutions to existing student labs in the F-house. The issue will be addressed in the university's management group (RCG) on 30 October.

Lab F-house. The university intends to leave the F-house when a new building is ready for occupancy. The operation of the lab is dependent on access to infrastructure such as gas, draft hoods, reinforced floors, etc., which makes it difficult to move the lab at present. Akademiska hus will present short-term technical solutions that will improve the air in the premises.

Study places in the F-house University work to find more alternative study places. What is known now is that it will be available: about 150 study places in the Student House, about 600 study places in the new student library in the spring and about 40 new places at the student square before Christmas. Even centrumrestaurengen can be used as study places when it is not lunchtime. There, the university will improve access to electricity and lighting. In November, additional solutions will be presented at study sites.

Örebro model: There were requests from students to do the so-called Örebro model / survey among the students. As the landlord Akademiska hus has made technical studies of the F-house, regarding the indoor environment, and dialed in the areas of the F-house which show inconvenience in the indoor environment , the university is currently focusing on dealing with the result of this immediately, see points above. The University has today sent out a Satisfied Student Index questionnaire, which asks students to express a value on the University's environment and with the opportunity to provide more detailed answers in free text areas. Take advantage of this survey because it gives the university a good opportunity to get an idea of the students' experience of the indoor environment.

Incident notifications: The link to makeincident  notifications has been made clear. The university continues to emphasize the importance of making incident reports if you feel ill in the indoor environment, and of course to seek medical care if needed, to get help and to exclude other causes of the symptoms.

Karin Bergquist

Karin Bergquist, Project Manager

Phone: +46 (0)920 491251
Organisation: Internal and External environment, Professional Support
Mariana Johansson

Mariana Johansson, Head of Security

Phone: +46 (0)920 492013
Organisation: Internal and External environment, Professional Support