The entire lower level is a quieter zone, something many students have been asking for Photo: Tomas Bergman View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Study places

Published: 22 November 2019

Below is information about study places.

Study places

  • The students' house, about 100 places
  • The library, 620 seatings
  • C-house, bookable group rooms, 43 seats
  • C-house, additional 40 seats in Ljusgården outside Stuk
  • The B-house, around Service Point, 34 places
  • B-house, B1143 at the Library, 6 quiet places
  • The B-house, B1145 at Library Library, 12 seats
  • The A-house, the tent room A1016, 104 quiet places
  • The A-house, floor 2, the A2010 corridor, 12 seats
  • E-house, E947 above Curious (all students come in with their LTU card), 50 seats
  • The B-house, outside B192, 30 seats
  • The A-house, open study area towards Teknikens hus, 12 places
  • The A-house, the A2010 corridor, 16 seats
  • A-square, 18 places
  • The A-house, basement floor before the glass road towards Alfa, 24 places
  • E-house, Curious and E200 corridor, 18 places

See map below.