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Study places – new and relocated

Published: 22 November 2019

Due to the indoor problems in the F-building, some of the study places in the F600, "Hajen", have been relocated to other houses. In addition to this relocation, new study areas have also been created.

This page will be updated continuously.

New study places

  • Students' house, about 100 seats (around 40 seats are on site week 48)
  • B-building, around Service Point, 34 seats
  • B-building, B1143 by the library, 6 quiet seats
  • B-building, B1145 at Library Library, 12 seats
  • A-building, A1016, 104 quiet seats
  • A-building, floor 2, A2020 corridor, 12 seats
  • E-building, E947 above Nyfiket (all students have access with their LTU card), 50 seats

Relocated study places

  • B-building, outside B192, 30 seats
  • A-building, open study area towards Teknikens hus, 12 seats
  • A-building, the A2010 corridor, 16 seats
  • A-building, next to Unika Boxen, 18 seats
  • A-building, basement floor before the glass road towards Alfa, 24 seats
  • E-building, Curious and E200 corridor, 18 seats

See the map above.