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You can now apply for a season ticket

Published: 1 October 2020

Here you will find information on how to apply for a season ticket to park in a parking lot with engine-heaters in Luleå during the period of 15 October to 15 April.

Application for season card for parking with engine heater

This service is provided by Parkster AB.

There are 500 season tickets available during winter. Only LTU employees and students can apply for a season ticket. You apply for the ticket by clicking the link below and entering your information. To apply for a season card, you must have a registered account with Parkster.

In order to access the application page, you must first log in with your Parkster account and then enter your LTU username. Note that this is only an application for eligibility for a season card and not a purchase.

After you submit your application via the link, you will receive a confirmation email if your application has been granted. On the application, you can buy the season card from 15 October 15 onwards. Purchase is made by using the zone code 1249, LTU - Motorvärmare Säsongskort 20/21 (Engine heater season ticket).

It is possible to change the registration number for the season ticket through your account at Parkster.

Furthermore, the following rules apply:

  • Only 1 season card per employee or student.
  • The season ticket is valid only in terms of location and does not guarantee a parking space.
  • The season ticket applies to the Luleå University area, Zone 1, parking lot with enginge pre-heater.
  • The season ticket is valid from 15 October until 15 April.
  • Regular price is 1800 kr incl. VAT.

In general, the following rules apply to the university's parking spaces:

  • Parking of vehicle is only allowed between 06:00 - 22:00 Monday - Sunday. Other times the vehicles must be moved in order for maintenance of the parking lots, e.g. snow removal, sanding and sweeping.
  • The outputs are powered at temperatures below +0 degrees Celsius. Highest power output 6 Amp (max 1300 watts).
  • The University is not responsible for parked vehicles.


Before applying for a season ticket, you must have an account with Parkster.

Only 500 season tickets are available for purchase. The university has decided on the number of season tickets, and that is not anything Parkster can influence.

Remember to wait for at least 24 hours to get an email from Parkster before contacting their customer service.