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Fire or accident

SAVE yourself and others who are at risk - ALERT everyone in the vincinity - CALL 112 - EXTINGUISH the fire if possible

Guards and security

Here you will find the phone number of the guards at the university.

B-house, Centrumhuset, Rainbow Hall, campus Photo: Nicke Johansson
Buildings and environment

Here you will find information about current construction projects and projects relating to indoor environment and health.

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Report faulty equipment

Report failure of equipment, buildings, furniture, etc.

Parking spaces with car heaters

Information about University Parking Lots location, Taxes and Rules

Sveriges bästa studentmiljö. 2016.
Room booking for student associations

Information about how student associations book premises

Wallet, bank card, credit card, money Photo: Pixabay
Found objects

You're welcome to leave all objects found at campus Luleå to Service Point in the B-building.

Cykelpump E-huset
Bicycle pump in the university area in Luleå

In connection with the Laboratorievägen and the E-house near the entrance, E12, you will find a bicycle pump.