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Support requiring application

Once you have made your application in NAIS, you will receive an email from a disability coordinator asking you to schedule a time for a consultation. After your consultation, you will get a decision about the support available to you, such as, extended examination time.

Aid that may be considered after consultation between you and the coordinator:

Note-Taking Help 

  • You can ask a fellow student if he/she wants to be entry helpers. That person will receive compensation for recording and then you get free copy of the notes. Please note that students must be present at lectures and classes to make annotation support.

"Hearing Loop"

  • Your courses can be booked in rooms that have the "hearing loop" capability.  Contact the coordinator well in advance before the start of the course to arrange this.

Adapted Exams

  • Adapted exams can include: written examinations using the computer with text-reading functionality, extended examination times, etc.  This applies to written, centrally-administered exams. The extension is 50% of the regular time alotted, up to a maximum of 2 extra hours. You are responsible for applying for this extension yourself in advance of the deadline. Fill out the application below.