What counts as a disability?

Published: 17 May 2016

A disability can express itself as the physical, medical, psychological or cognitive limitation of a person's ability to function.

A disability arises when people experience limitations in relation to their surroundings because of their disabilities. To be entitled to educational support associated with your studies, you must have a disability as defined in the Discrimination Act (2008: 567):

"Permanent physical, mental or intellectual limitation of a person's ability to function as a result of an injury or illness existed at birth, has arisen since then or can be expected to arise."

What do I do if I do not have a proof of my disability?

As a basis for assessing if a student has a permanent disability, the coordinator needs a certificate from an expert, ie doctor or other healthcare professional, such audiologist, speech therapist or psychologist. If you do not have such a document, you must apply to the County Council (Landstinget) or other care-providing institution.