LTU card

Published: 3 May 2016

The LTU card has many functions: entry card, print and copy card, student union ID and Mecenat card


  1. Staff member or student at LTU


  1. Bring a valid photo ID to:
    Luleå - Studenttorget
    Skellefteå - Helpdesk
    Piteå - Servicecenter
  2. You will be photographed and the LTU card will be printed for you.
  3. Update your card in an update machine:
    Luleå - Studenttorget and Library
    Skellefteå - Helpdesk
    Piteå - Servicecenter
  4. Set a 4-digit PIN code to enter the campus after 5.00 PM
  • For students, set up your PIN code on MY LTU under My Account
  • For staff, set up your PIN code on ITS-Admin (see link below).

The LTU card should be updated every 5 years for staff and every semester for students.

If you are a student and has booked a lecture room or the like on campus, you need to request access to the room. Submit a request to the IT Servicedesk.