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About computer rooms

Published: 3 May 2016

The computer rooms are used for teaching computer-based tasks. When the computer rooms are not occupied for teaching, you can use the computers for study.

You log in with your LTU user on the computers.


All students have access to the following computer rooms on the Luleå campus:

A107, A1119, A1120, A1302, A3011, A3012, A3017, A3019

E531a, E532, E535

Computer Equipment

The equipment in the different computer rooms is different depending on the teaching needs of each institution. About 90% of the computers are Windows-based and the rest are Mac-based. Mac is used mainly in Piteå.


Based on the course needs, the institutions decide which programs to install in the computer rooms. In all computer rooms there are basic programs such as Office, programs for people with disabilities etc. Before the reading periods, the supply in the computer rooms will change as needed. The changes are usually completed two weeks before the reading period.

You can find a list of the software in the various rooms via the link below.

Error report

If you experience problems with software function or do not have access to the auditorium, contact the responsible teacher first.

If you notice any errors in computer room equipment, it is important that you report this immediately. Either by calling the Service Desk on 0920-49 20 00 or report the error via the link below.