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Published: 23 November 2006

With Jack from Siemens PLM, you can among other things, simulate industrial workplaces and optimize existing operations to create a better ergonomic working environment and even greater efficiency.

Jack is a type of software that contains three-dimensional digital human models, called manikins, and has been used for many years in design and development. The program allows the possibility of simulating industrial jobs and operations which can then be assayed for, for man, ergonomically demanding factors. The program has a number of digitized and integrated ergonomic analysis tools such as OWAS, RULA, NIOSH, SSPP and LBA. In the program the manikins can be manipulated for specific job positions after which you can investigate if the part is physically strenuous with the analytical tools. There are also animation features that allow the ability to create moving sequences.

After you've downloaded and installed the software you'll also have to download and place the license file in C:\Program Files\Siemens\Jack_9.0\license. In order to use the University license you'll have to use VPN.

Version installed: 9.0
Computer labs: E535 (a, b), E532, F131d, F133, F232, F719, F236, F240

Peter Jeppsson
Phone: 0920-492275

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