Published: 26 January 2017

Maplesoft Maple is a mathematical program for analyzing, exploring, visualizing, and solving mathematical problems.

Program category

mathematical software

Operating system

Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Windows

Terms of use

Academic site license and may be used for research and educational purposes, shall not be used for commercial purposes.

The software is owned by TVM and may be used free of TVMS staff and installed in some computer labs.

Limited number of licenses may be installed on the staff's own computers and on the students' own computers.

Order and installation

Order: Creating a case to the Service Desk where you specify that you want to order Maple and indicate the project number.

Installation: After contact with service desk software is distributed through the Software Center.

For distribution to students' own computers (home use) must be the order of qualified teachers / tutors.


Free for TVMS staff and students.