Microsoft Azure Dev Tools

Published: 12 February 2019

Developer environment and software for use in teaching and during study time. NOTE! Installed applications may not be used for commercial use.

Formerly known as Microsoft Imagine, this subscriptions program has changed to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.

All current Imagine subscriptions have automatically transitioned to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and have access to the same software tools they have enjoyed with Imagine.

Plus, they’ll be able to:

  • Manage and access software through a centralized online location that eliminates the need to maintain a WebStore or an internal site.
  • Provide academic users with access to software, free training/learning materials and the Azure cloud platform through the same online portal. Get free access to for instance Windows 10, Visual Studio, Microsoft Project and much more.
  •  Microsoft offers $100 in Azure credit plus access to free Azure services for students. Plus they can sign up for the Azure for Students offer without a credit card.

How will you get access to software?

All software will be accessible through an Education Hub built in the Azure Portal that houses all products and services available to academic users.  You will get access by simply logging into the Azure Portal through the link below with your ltu email and  password. ​