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Software from Microsoft

Published: 29 January 2020

Microsoft Azure dev tools for teaching is a platform in which Microsoft offers software, development tools, educational materials and more. For example:

  • MS Visio
  • MS Project
  • Visual Studio
  • Windows 10

Software category

Project planning, flow charts, development tools, operating systems etc.

Operating system

Mainly Windows, limited selection for Linux and Mac

Rules of use

The software may be installed on computers belonging to students or employees of Luleå University of Technology. The Software may not be used for commercial use.

Ordering and Installation

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Sign In. Log in with your full email address at LTU, once you have entered it you will be redirected to log in to LTU, enter your LTU password.
  3. Select Education under Azure services in the middle; if it's not there, type Education in the search box at the top and click on the first hit.
  4. Select Software from the left menu, review and check the box to indicate that you agree to the agreement.
  5. Find the software you want to download, when you select it you can get a personal installation key and download the software.
  6. The software is downloaded as an .iso file, Windows 10 can open it by default and you should be able to install the software by launching the installer, usually with Setup in the name. Your personal installation key is entered either during installation or when you first launch the software.


Included for all students and staff at LTU


The Azure dev tools for teaching software is provided by Microsoft, and some limited support is available. See link below.