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Move of staff home directory and common

Published: 27 January 2022

Now Common (K :) has also been moved

Common (K:)

New path as from January 29th:

  • \\\common
  • smb://

If you get problem, try first to log out and then login again. It might take a while for the path to show up after that.

Related to our move of Common (K:) there is a decision that will be suspended as from 1 March.
The machine has been used by employees to scp to and from H:/K:/courses externally. 
Now we want all to use VPN instead.
For login externally, there is also

New path for Home directory:
If you experience any problem try first to log out and log in again.

Some links and shortcuts cant stop working and may need to be redone, 
espasially if you use Linux or Mac.

If you use Windows, Mac or Linux that is self administrated, you need 
to change the search path to this:

  • Windows:
    \\\staff\<user name>
  • Mac och Linux SMB:
    smb://<user name>
  • Linux NFS:

You will find guidelines below. Information will be posted in our webpage for operational information, link below.

Course disks

was transfered to the new server earlyer.

New search path:

Report errror to Service Point, 0920- 49 1000 or through, link below.