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Make your LTU account more secure

Published: 3 May 2022

During April and May, LTU introduces two-factor authentication, MFA, for all employees and associates. The deadline to activate MFA yourself is September 10th, when it will be introduced automatically for all LTU employees.

At LTU we take IT security very seriously. As cyber-attacks become more prevalent as well as increasingly harmful to both organizations and employees, LTU needs to continually improve the security of IT systems.

During April and May, LTU will introduce two-factor authentication* for all employees and associates, initially with Office365** (which includes e-mail, calendar, and Teams), as well as the client version of Outlook, Teams and Office suit (ie. Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on your PC / Mac.

Most people are already familiar with more secure logins when using other internet services (ie. bank services) where you use BankID or a code authenticator. At LTU you will need to install the App "Microsoft Authenticator" on your smartphone for two-factor authentication.

Information on how to activate two-factor authentication is found at the end of this article, the guides are available for Android and iPhone as step by step instructions as well as video guides.

You will receive an e-mail with information that it is time for you to activate two-factor authentication.
However, If you wish, you can activate two-factor authentication today, using the guides below.

If you have trouble enabling two-factor authentication, you can get help via Servicepoint

After you get started with two-factor authentication

it is important to remember to only approve MFA requests for a login which only you have recently started.

For example, if you receive a notice to approve a login on your day-off, you should not approve the login. Without multi-factor authentication, the login would have been successful. A request for login confirmation can also be initiated by your email client trying to retrieve email.

If you suspect that your login confirmation request has not been initiated by you, we recommend that you change your password.

* Two-factor authentication is also called Multifactor Authentication (MFA) or multiple-factor authentication.

** Office365 on the web includes several services i.e. Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, Outlook email or

If you missed the date and had two-factor authentication automatically activated

Guides, get started with computer and cell phone