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System operations information

New information

Security enhancement

We have taken  security-enhancing measure with short notice by shutting down the printspooler on our servers. This may cause  problems for someone when printing. In case of problems, use web-print as a workaround.

However, printing will work for most people.

Cloud data halls

ALWAYS check that your OneDrive files have been synced with the cloud before logging out.

Feel free to do "Free up space" on your files so as not to take up unnecessary space in Citrix, as everyone shares the quota.

See user manual below for more information.


Problems with connections in Piteå

The problem with connections in Piteå is now solved.


Planned service interruptions


System changes to Cloudbased computerlabs 2/7

2021-07-02 4PM, Desktop Windows 10 Student 3D CAD at the Cloudbased Computerlabs will be closed. It is already replaced with Windows 10 Student 3D CAD CPU. It contain same applications. Data storage remains the same.

Kaltura/LTU Play 

The media service are now upgraded to "Regional Cloud Release 2021 Q2". More information about the relese can be found on the Kaltura web site.

Skype for business

Was turned off June 8th