Published: 23 August 2017

Add the new print queue eduPrint to your Mac.


  1. Your login to computer is LTU username and password
  2.  LTU administrated mac computer



  1. Open Managed Software Center
  2. Click the Updates tab
  3. Run the updates for Ricoh
  4. Open your document and choose Print
  5. choose eduPrint as the printer


Alternatively if instruction above not works

  1. Make sure you are online
  2. Enter Printers & Scanners
  3. Select + to add new print queue
  4. Click the IP tab and enter the following:
    Protocol: Line Printer Deamon - LPD
    Queue: eduPrint-LTU
    Name: eduPrint Ricoh
    Location: Holdqueue
    Use: Generic PostScript Printer
  5. Click Add
  6. When a box with the heading Setting up 'eduPrint ...' pops up, check the Duplex Printing Unit box and click OK .