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Connect to the home directory via SFTP (filezilla)

Published: 17 March 2016


  1. FTP client, eg FileZilla.
  2. Student user account at LTU.

Instructions (FileZilla)

  1. Click on the site manager button at the top left of the keypad in Filezilla.
  2. Click the button New site.
  3. Name the connection, for example
  4. Type in
  5. Type in Port: 22
  6. Change the protocol to: SFTP - SHH File Transfer Protocol
  7. Change the login type to: Ask for password
  8. User: Your LTU username
  9. Press the OK button to save everything.
  10. Choose your connection by clicking the down arrow directly to the right of the button site manager.
  11. Enter your university password in the text box that pops up.
  12. If necessary, check the check box Always trust this host, add this key to the cache.

You will now be connected to your home directory. Your computer is the folder on the left and your home directory (H:) is located on the right side.

Filepath for home directory and public homepage (public_html)


Note! Enter the entire path to the folder. Detta undviker att servern listar samtliga studenters mappar, vilket ibland medför problem. This avoids the server listing all students' folders, which sometimes causes issues.