Cloud based computer rooms for students at CENE

Published: 15 January 2020

Students at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering, CENE, can use a cloud service to use all CENE's applications from all computer rooms on Campus Luleå and from their own computer.

For best performance, it is recommended that you use the OneDrive storage that is included as a student at LTU when using the cloud-based computer rooms.

Target group

  1. Students at the department of community building


If you are using a private computer and this is your first time connecting to the cloud service, download and install the Citrix Workspace App, see the link at the bottom of the page.

Computers in computer rooms at Campus Luleå already have the software installed.
In computer rooms with a thin client, IGEL, it automatically connects to the cloud service.

  1. In the browser on your computer, go to .
  2. Log in with your email address at LTU and your student password .
  3. After you log in, you will see a view of your most recently used software and desktops, the first time it is empty. You can either click on one of the " View all applications " or " View all desktops " links or navigate in the column on the left under Apps or Desktops.
  4. When you start a software, it will launch in the Citrix Workspace App , note that it takes a while to launch the software.

You are automatically logged out of the service after 60 minutes of inactivity, your program is in standby mode for a few hours but then closes completely. It is therefore very important that you save your work before that. We recommend that you save in OneDrive which is included for you as a student at LTU and is pre-installed in the cloud service.

You can choose to mark a software as a favorite by clicking the star in the upper left corner of the software you use frequently.

Surfing web pages with the browser in the cloud service

The "computer" you use when logging in through the cloud service is located in Amsterdam, which allows several websites to customize materials and languages based on it.