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Teams for students

Published: 16 February 2021

Teams gather everything in a shared workspace so you can work wherever you want, chat, participate in meetings, collaborate on files and work with your favorite apps.

What are Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a platform for collaboration in Office 365. You can share documents and communicate via chat, video conferencing, etc.

Teams are available to all employees and students. You can use Teams on the web or with an app from your computer or mobile phone. Links are further down the page.

What functions does Teams have for students?

  • Students can start a session and share their screen with other students
  • Students can create their own Teams with the possibility of file sharing and chat
  • Students can save shared files in a Team
  • Students can participate in a video call or meeting created by a teacher

Some features are disabled for students:

  • Students cannot call via teams
  • Students cannot start video calls via Teams