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Zoom waiting room and passcode: Update 11th of December 2020

Published: 11 December 2020

<< Update 2020-12-11 17:00 >>

Considering feedback from Zoom users at LTU the management team has decided to implement some changes to the settings below for the waiting room function. These changes can be seen as temporary until further notice. Investigation is needed in order to take into consideration both user feedback and a reasonable level for secure meetings. The following changes have been implemented:

  1. The setting for waiting room is no longer mandatory (locked). The user can inactivate/activate waiting room in their profile, in the application when scheduling a meeting or during an active meeting. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO HAVE WAITING ROOM ACTIVATED AS DEFAULT IN THE USER PROFILE.
  2. IF a user have waiting room activated in the user profile or for a single meeting, every attendee will end up in a waiting room when joining a meeting and must be admitted by the host (or a co-host).

<< End update >>

The previously announced (27th of September) change in Zoom functionality regarding automatic waiting room function and passcode has not been implementet. Based on feedback from customers, Zoom decided not to enforce mandatory waiting room function for sites with a large number of users/licenses. Unfortunately that included educational customers such as LTU.

The major consequence of the decision is that a scheduled meeting with no passcode or waiting room option enabled (in the local meeting settings) will be open to join for anyone with the meeting link.

The management team for Zoom at LTU is fully aware of the fact that most of our users already use the passcode or waiting room security features (or both) when scheduling a meeting. However, a number of meetings are still scheduled as completely open, and links are in some cases published in social media.

To ensure a basic level of security for all Zoom-based education and other meetings at LTU the management team for Zoom has decided to activate mandatory waiting room function for all meetings scheduled with a LTU Zoom account. The setting will be enforced att account level and it will not be possible to opt out on a local meeting level.

What are the implications of mandatory waiting room function in Zoom?

Waiting room will be enabled for all Zoom-meetings scheduled by employees and students at Luleå University of Technology (i.e. meetings created with a LTU Zoom-account).

In practice it means that if you klick on a meeting invitation link in order to connect to a Zoom meeting you will, as a first step, end up in a waiting room. The host of the meeting (or an assigned co-host) will be notified that there are attendees in the waiting room and admits them to the meeting. It also means that it will not be possible to join a meeting before the host.

EXCEPTION: Meeting participants using a LTU Zoom-account (belonging to the domain LTU) joining a meeting scheduled by a user with a LTU Zoom account will NOT be placed in a waiting room and thus can join the meeting directly. Example: Students joining a Zoom meeting scheduled by a teacher using a LTU Zoom account can join the meeting directly.

If a passcode is used when scheduling a meeting the waiting room function will also be activated as it is mandatory and encforced on account level. The management team for Zoom strongly recommend using passcodes henceforth when scheduling meetings, in addition to the waiting room function. Tip: you can modify your default security settings for your Zoom-meetings by

  • Log on to your Zoom account (with your LTU-login) here:
  • Choose “Sign in” (Configure your account), choose “Settings” in the left menu and then “Security”.
  • You can also modify the security settings directly in the Zoom application when scheduling a meeting.

The activation of mandatory waiting room function will not affect the way meetings are scheduled or how you invite to meetings.