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IT support and self service for students

We are here for you. If you have IT questions, there are three ways you can contact the IT Service Point: by phone, in person, or online. We handle issues in all campuses. Do not hesitate to contact us for both big and small questions!

Temporary studies from home

Guides and tips for participating from home. Now students can also use Teams.

Supportwebben användare
Student user account

The student user account provides access to IT systems, email, wireless network and more.

Supportwebben Programvara
Storage and software

Support for storage and software.

Supportwebben E-post och kalender
Email and schedule

Manage your e-mail and schedule.

Supportwebben Molntjänster
Internet and cloud services

Internet and cloud services such as Google Drive and Office 365 on your PC via eduroam.

Supportwebben Utskrift
Print, copy, scan and fax

Our document production service, "Dops", deals with printing, copying, scanning and faxing.

Supportwebben IT i undervisning
IT in education

Managing IT in classrooms, lecture halls, computer labs, and distance learning.