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Almost everyone sleeps poorly at some point. Then you may feel tired and less creative the next day, but you can still manage to do their everyday life. One or a few sleepless nights is no major danger.

Here you will find more information about sleep, work materials and tips for better sleep.

Bed, sleep, bedding Photo: Pixabay
Facts about sleep

Sleep is needed to allow the body and brain to rest, recover and process impressions.

Alarm clock Photo: Pixabay
Sleeping problems

Most people have experienced a sleepless night because of being stressed, hurried or worried about something.

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Do you want to do a sleep test?

The questions in the test are based on nine questions and are a scientifically evaluated questionnaire.

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Tips for those who have difficulty sleeping

Sleep is important for you to learn new things.

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Conscious presence

Practicing conscious presence means learning to deal with and becoming more aware of one's thoughts, feelings and body experiences. To become aware in an accepting and non-evaluative way.

Milky Way, night, space, stars Photo: Pixabay
Milky Way, night, space, stars Photo: Pixabay
Sleep - the most important activity of the day

Today we sleep less and yet we want to cope more and more.

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Sleep diary

In order to get a clear picture of your sleep difficulties, it may be good to keep a sleep diary.

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Tips for better sleep

There is a lot you can do yourself to correct sleep problems.