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We all experience stress at one time or another in life and it is common for life as a student to be periodically stressful. As a student, you are faced with a number of new and exciting challenges that can sometimes create stress.

Here is information for those who want to read more about stress, how it affects the body and what you can do to manage stress.

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Facts about stress

When you have a need to catch a lot and take into account different demands, the body can react with stress.

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When does stress become a problem?

The purpose of the body's stress reactions is thus to prepare us to deal with challenges and problems.

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Conscious presence

Practicing conscious presence means learning to deal with and becoming more aware of one's thoughts, feelings and body experiences.

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Test your stress level

Here you can completely anonymously test your stress level and get a personal feedback.

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Tips for managing stress

All stress can become unhealthy if the body is stressed for too long without the opportunity to recover ..