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Groups and courses

Procrastination group

This course will only be given in Swedish.

Crosstrainer in a gym Photo: Mostphotos
Try Group Training with other students!

For you students at LTU who want to become physically active and train with other students. Every week you have the opportunity to try group training together with Student Health.

Apple, hand, woman Photo: Pixabay
Want to be a Health Motivator?!

Motivate your peers to enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

Photo: Pixabay
Running for beginners

The tempo is adjusted so that EVERYONE can keep up!

Alarm clock, time, stress, sleep Photo: Pixabay

This discussion group will only meet in Swedish.

Man, depressed, sad Photo: Pixabay

This group will be conducted in Swedish

Lecture, seminar, audience, presentation Photo: Pixabay
Speaking in front of others

Course for you with the desire for talent