Skellefteå campus

Student Health Services in Skellefteå

As a student at the campus in Skellefteå, you have the following options if you need help and support.

Youth Health Skellefteå

Student Health LTU has an agreement with Ungdomshälsan Skellefteå. As a student at LTU, you are welcome to turn here regardless of age. Youth Health can be found on Kanalgatan 51. You are welcome to turn around for advice and support regarding alcohol and drug issues, need support or wish to meet a nurse.
Youth Health


Youth reception in Skellefteå tel: 0920-77 05 40
The midwife reception Skellefteå lasarett tel: 090-785 91 42

Psychiatric clinic

Jourtelefon psychiatric clinic Skellefteå tel: 0910- 771919

Doctor or nurse

Contact your health center.
See Västerbotten County Council

You are always welcome to call or email the staff at Student Health in Luleå for advice . We are your student health and even if we are not in place we can assist you as far as possible and assist you if needed.

Comments on Student Health

If you have any questions or comments about Student Health, please contact Maria Kero Chief Executive Officer.