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Take a lifestyle test

Find out more about your lifestyle through a number of web-based forms. You can choose to create an overall health profile or to look at a specific area, for example, alcohol, diet, stress, tobacco, physical activity or mental health. After filling out the form, you will receive personalised feedback based on your answers.

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Test your lifestyle

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Health Profile

Take care of your health - book a Health Profile with a health counselor and keep track of your lifestyle and what you can do to improve your health. A healthy lifestyle contributes to a more meaningful leisure time and a healthier student life. A Health Profile is there to motivate and create insight into lifestyle change.

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Test your tobacco habits

Here you can anonymously test your habits and get a personal feedback.

Test your physical activity

Here you can anonymously test your habits and get personal feedback.

Test your eating habits

Here you can completely anonymously do a test and get a personal feedback.