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Options and choices during your studies

Here you will find information about course application, how to select a specialisation, what happens if you do not select a specialisation, optional and elective courses and what happens when courses overlap in your schedule.

Choosing a specialisation

Your programme syllabus will indicate if your programme offers the option to specialise. The choice of specialisation takes place either before the fall or spring semester, depending on your programme. Selection of specialisation is done via My LTU during the application period. See below.

Optional courses

An optional space in the curriculum means that you are able to freely choose among the courses taught at all universities and colleges with corresponding point scales that are the same as the optional space. Optional courses should be sought through

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Elective courses

It is mandatory that you choose your elective courses. They marked "optional" in your programme syllabus.

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Schedule modules

To simplify the planning of your course selections, most study programmes at Luleå have a modular schedule with fixed schedule positions. You can see the module structure of the course catalogue for programme students. Courses that have the same module will indicate an overlap or "clash" in your schedule. This means that you may not take both courses at the same time.