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Write a résumé and cover letter

Below you will find a detailed description about how to structure your résumé and cover letter. You will even find a quick overview of the same information as well as checklists and some good examples.

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Quick Overview

What to include in a résumé, cover letter and email

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Parts of a Résumé and Cover Letter

Use this document to help you to prepare a résumé and cover letter that recruiters will notice


Use these handy checklists to improve your résumé and cover letter

Top 5 tips video series

Here are some quick and easy videos that give our top 5 tips to improve your job search.

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Example 1 (in Swedish)

A standard résumé with good layout

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Example 2 (In English)

Notice how this student markets his exchange studies in both his résumé and cover letter

CV Brev SF
Example 3 (in Swedish)

Notice how this student has used graphical elements (shaded dots) to show competence level

CV Brev Image MG
Example 4 (in English)

This student volunteered as a Student Guide and Swim Coach. See how he describes those and other jobs he has had.

CV Brev - HP
Example 5 (in Swedish)

This student is studying jurisprudence and is applying to the legal position at the county administrative board

CV Brev DA
Example 6 (in English)

Since this student didn't have IT or computer skills other than Microsoft Office, this section was named simply "SKILLS".

Example 7 Thesis Project (in English)

This example shows how two people can together write an application for a thesis project

CV Brev Image PhD
Example 8 (in English)

This is an example of a PhD applying to an industry position

CV Brev Exempel - doktorand
Example 9 (In Swedish)

This example shows how a doctoral student can write applications in industry.