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Make your business idea a reality

Luleå University of Technology offers you as a student free and confidential support to develop business ideas and innovations.

As a student, your mind is constantly questioning existing knowledge, new insights emerge and perspectives are broadened. Perhaps, you may find inspiration for an idea or a solution to a problem that may be the start to your working career.

Together on your idea journey

The big idea not there yet? We want to meet you anyway! We can give you advice on how to generate ideas and also help you define and develop your idea.

With a proven track record in turning ideas into successful businesses, we can help you become a force of change, entrepreneur or to start your own business. It all begins with your idea. Your innovation. Your vision.

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How does it work?

For your first idea meeting, we will match you with a business development coach who will ask you to briefly tell you about your idea or the problem/need that you have identified. You can get answers to any questions you might have –  if your idea has business potential, how you could finance product development, how to protect your idea or something completely different. You will also get advice on what your next steps towards turning your idea into reality might be.

Our experienced business development coaches provide you with confidential advice based on proven methods and tools.

Grönsaker från datacenter ger ökad hållbarhet
Vegetables from data centers increase sustainability

Containing Greens saw an opportunity to make Norrbotten more self-sufficient with vegetables, and a more sustainable region. In the summer of 2020 arose the idea to use heat from data centers to grow vegetables without soil, in subarctic climate. Now there’s an award-winning company run by entrepreneurs with big dreams for the future.

Deras spel ska släppas i Japan
Their game will be released in Japan

In the spring, LTU student Jonas Roininen and his co-founder Conny Nordlund launched the game Hayfever on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox and PC in Sweden. Jonas turned to LTU Business for support in developing their business model and go-to-market strategy through the Innovation Due Diligence method. Now he looks forward to the game being released in Japan.

Nu kommer hightech-klarinetten
Here’s the high-tech clarinet

They call it “Music in Motion”, the clarinet with motion sensors which takes the over 300-year-old acoustic instrument straight to the digital age. Doctoral student Robert Ek and senior lecturer Jörgen Normark are ready to launch their product to the market. LTU Business have supported the team with a market analysis as well as with the development of a prototype.