11:50 13 Sep
Annelie Pompe
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Kickstart: Annelie Pompe: Find your inner strength - This lecture is in Swedish

13 Sep. 2017, 11:50 - 13:00
Luleå, Aula Aurora

With a world record of 126-foot free-throwing on a single breath and a top mountaineering of Mount Everest, Annelie Pompe is a living proof of how far you can come if you only practice your body, psyche and set clear goals.

"The thoughts affect everything we do. The body and thoughts are the only things we can control. Very rarely we can control the external circumstances, but we can always choose which approach we want to tackle them." It's about attitude and attitude . "

Take a deep breath and follow an inspirational and motivational lecture. With pictures, movie clips and breathtaking stories Annelie Pompe tells about her adventures and connects them with the insights, lessons and discoveries she has gained. Annelie is a specialist in target focus, fears and risk management, leadership and art to be present. She is driven by passion and inspiration, and means that you can reach how far and high - if you avoid limiting.