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Mentorship programme

NOTE: This programme is only conducted in Swedish.

Luleå University of Technology runs a mentoring programme where students are matched with a mentor from the local labour market, someone that can act as a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas about the future, and a person who can act as a door opener in terms of thesis projects, jobs and a large network.

The purpose of the mentoring programme is that students will gain professional and industry-relevant advice from the professional area for your interest to apply for after graduation and that fits your specific skills.

How it works - a short summary

As a student makes an application and you will be admitted, we make a match where we start from and your mentor's profile, skills and special requests. When this is done, you know who your mentor is and you can then make contact and schedule your first appointment.

You can also choose to arrange a mentor on your own and then participate in the program. What you should think about then is that the mentor should  be in the region so you can be on the joint meetings.

The program begins then with a joint kick-off meeting for all mentors and mentees in which information is provided on the program set up. During the program you work then together on your professional and personal development. After this meeting you and your mentor individually to your needs and wishes (we recommend about 6 times) and in addition to this organized common meetings where you get the opportunity to meet other mentors and mentees. In May, completed the mentoring program with a joint closing meeting for all participants.

Who can join the Mentorship Programme?

  • Those who have at least one or two years left in their programme.
  • Those who are ready to invest the time and energy in challenging themselves to develop as part of the programme.


Expectations of mentees

It's up to you to realize your goals with mentor support - think and clarify what you want out of the mentorship. Ask for what you want, the mentor is there to using their professional experience, be a sounding board for your questions. You as a mentee to initiate meetings with your mentor and be the driving partner. Think long term and allow the mentoring relationship time to develop. The time you spend is an investment in yourself and your future. To be able to look back on a successful year, you must be prepared to devote the necessary time and prioritize your committment. Take the opportunity to meet with other mentees and mentors. With them you can exchange experiences and get new ideas - and as an extra bonus you will gain more contacts and a larger network!

How long?

Mentoring program runs for one academic year. If you both want to continue the relationship on their own after the end of the year, this course well.





Linda Ljungberg, Project Manager

Organisation: Collaboration and Innovation, Professional Support