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Create a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a networking site with over 400 million members, of which over 2.5 million members are located in Sweden. Your LinkedIn page acts as a virtual résumé where you display your personal brand. Recruitment is often done nowadays directly via LinkedIn. One of the greatest features of LinkedIn is that you can access the people your network's network.

To get started with LinkedIn

1. Sign up

A free membership is enough to get you started. With a premium membership, you can see for example who else has applied for a position you have applied for.

2. Post your résumé

Profile picture, Education, (Work) Experience, Summary, Professional Title. Use your well-crafted résumé as a base. It is also possible to post photos, videos and presentations - this helps you to be a more interesting candidate.

3. Add your skills and have them validated

Add the skills you believe you have and you can invite your contacts (former managers, colleagues, fellow students) to write recommendations and confirm those skills. Remember to go in and recommend your contacts as well.

4. Create contact requests

Find former colleagues or fellow students and add them to your network. Use personalized messages when requesting a connection.  Remember the idea is to establish a relationship with your contacts, something an automated can't do.

5. Participate in groups, follow companies

There are industry specific groups where you can make contacts, contribute with information and get tips about current job postings. You can also follow interesting companies, universities and organizations.

6. See current job ads

You can also see who you may know at interesting workplaces.  LinkedIn even makes it easy for you to write a customized résumé and cover letter for a specific job by matching your skills to the job requirements.

7. Be active

Update your profile regularly and be active in your networking with other members. More help to edit your profile is available under LinkedIn's Help Center.