Master thesis 2020 in hydraulic engineering and dam safety, China | Vattenfall | 2019-12-20

Published: 4 September 2019

We are seeking candidates to do diploma work within hydropower, hydraulic engineering and dam safety.

With the purpose of providing competence to the hydropower business, we are looking for candidates to diploma work projects within structural and hydraulic engineering related to hydropower and hydraulic engineering. The work is to be accomplished in China. The project is financed by Energiforsk AB and has been going on since 2004. Altogether more than 110 university students from KTH, LTU, CTH, UU, UmU, LiU och LU have done their diploma work in China. 

The preferred topics are related to the following issues within dam safety. 

  1. Structural analysis, including slope stability (rock mechanics), tunnel stability, stability of concrete, embankment and tailings dams, numerical modeling and laboratory tests, etc. 
  2. Hydraulic issues, including hydraulics related to dam safety (reservoir flow pattern, seepage analysis, spillway flow and discharge capacity, energy basin and energy dissipation, downstream erosion, spillway flow aeration, etc), CFD simulations and physical modeling. 

The diploma work (30 HP and even 15 HP) is carried out with the following specifications. 

  • The financial support is provided from Energiforsk AB ( 
  • Eight (8) students in four (4) groups per year. 
  • The project is responsible for international flight, supervision, flat for three months and other related costs in China (like office room). 
  • The student themselves covers minor costs (like visa, vaccine if needed). 
  • The applicant should have proper education background. 
  • Depending on the subject, the work is performed normally at a university in Beijing, Nanjing, Tsingdao or other cities. 
  • The period of stay is normally three months (for 15 HP 1.5 months). 
  • Each group decides their date for departure. 
  • The topic is finalised between the students and the host university supervisor. 
  • Each group consists of two students, and you need to find a partner yourself. 

An application is expected from each group and includes the following. (1) cover letter with motivation for the project, why you apply; (2) CV with contact information and list of courses and (3) Contact person (examiner) at your university. 

The deadline for the application is December 20, 2019. However, the positions are allocated on a running basis and given to students immediately as we find suitable applicants. So, do not wait to the last day to mail your application as it may be too late. If you have made up your mind, send in your application as soon as possible. 

For more information, contact prof. James Yang, Vattenfall (phone 070-2723 200). Send your application by e-mail directly to: and a copy to your examiner.