Education B 30 Credits

Pedagogik B, fortsättningskurs
First cycle, P0009P
Course syllabus valid: Autumn 2018 Sp 1 - Present
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by Patrik Häggqvist, Director of Undergraduate Studies at the Department of Arts, Communication and Education 14 Feb 2018

Education level
First cycle
Grade scale
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Main field of study

Entry requirements

In order to meet the general entry requirements for first cycle studies you must have successfully completed upper secondary education and documented skills in English language and Education A or equivalent qualifications.

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The selection is based on 1-165 credits.

Course Aim
The task of education as a scientific discipline is to systematically describe, explain and understand educational practices - training, education and teaching - as they occur and have occurred in society. The educational attempts to answer questions about the emergence, maintenance and change of values, knowledge and skills within and between different cultures, generations, groups and individuals.

The research process, 7,5 ECTS - Educational research and its task of explaining and understanding educational practices - Continuos study of the different components of educational research-work - Method training and statistical inference as tools in research-work Educational planning, 7,5 ECTS - Education as educational practice - The field of educational planning in both formal education systems and working life - Requirements for, and work procedures in, educational planning Didactics, 7,5 ECTS - Teaching as educational practice - The field of didactics within formal education systems - the teaching situation, its conditions, content, procedure and effects Educational sociology, 7,5 ECTS - Rehabilitating practices directed towards individuals who do not adjust to general norms, values and requirements of society Individual Project, 7,5 ECTS - Planning, realization and reporting of a project that connects on to one of the aspects of the course

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Written and oral examination, individually and in group.

Transition terms

Kjell Johansson

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2015 Sp 1 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)

Course offered by
Department of Arts, Communication and Education

0001Education theories7.5TG U G VG
0002Educational processes in working life7.5TG U G VG
0003Educational leadership7.5TG U G VG
0004Current educational research - theories,methods and examples7.5TG U G VG