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Collapse Mechanisms in Fire Exposed Structures 7.5 Credits

Kollapsmekanismer för brandutsatta konstruktioner
Second cycle, S7012B
Course syllabus valid: Autumn 2018 Sp 2 - Present
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Education level
Second cycle
Grade scale
G U 3 4 5
Fire Safety Engineering
Subject group (SCB)
Building Technology

Entry requirements

22,5 credits in Fire Engineering; S0003B Fire Dynamics I, S0004B Construction and Fire Resistance and Analysis and Design of Fire Loading in Buildings (S0006B) or corresponding courses.

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The selection is based on 20-285 credits

Course Aim
The aim is to understand basic principals of design of buildings made of different structural materials: steel, timber and concrete at normal temperature and for the fire situation using analytical approach.  A basic of background information on Eurocode design models will be provided. Design verification at the room temperature and in fire situation of structural resistance in tension, compression, bending and shear will be presented with number of design examples. Best practice details for buildings made of different materials will be shown.

The lectures cover the fire design of buildings. Various construction materials and a background to fire safe solutions will be discussed and a number of illustrative examples will be discussed. Assignments will be focused on an economical fire design of buildings made of concrete, wood or steel. Presentation of variousbest-practice construction details will be discussed.

Lectures, exercises, assignments (computer assignment and/or lab exercises). Lectures and consultations forassignments.

Oral exam with differentiated grades. To get the final grade all assignments should be approved.

Michael Försth

Transition terms
The course S7012B is equal to s7006b

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2018 Sp 2 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
Jean-Marc Franssen, Paulo Vila Real: Fire design of steel structures, ECCS and Ernst&Sohn, 2010
Fire Safety in Timber Buildings. Technical guideline for Europe. SP 2010:19. Stockholm, 2010
Isaksson, Mårtensson, Thelandersson et al. Konstruktionsteknik, Studentlitteratur, 2017
Handouts distributed via Internet

Course offered by
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering

0003Oral examination1.5TG G U 3 4 5
0004Assignment report6.0TG U G#

Syllabus established
by Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies Eva Gunneriusson, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering 10 Feb 2017

Last revised
by Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies Eva Gunneriusson, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering 17 Aug 2018