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Independent work 15 Credits

Självständigt arbete
First cycle, U0005N
Course syllabus valid: Spring 2018 Sp 3 - Present
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Education level
First cycle
Grade scale
U G#
Business Administration
Subject group (SCB)
Business Administration

Entry requirements

In order to meet the general entry requirements for first cycle studies you must have successfully completed upper secondary education and documented skills in English language and U0006N Scientific method for independent work

More information about English language requirements


The selection is based on 1-165 credits.

Course Aim
The course’s overall objective is for the student to practice, develop and demonstrate skills in applying theories and methods to solve unstructured, scientifically rooted problems relevant to the subject areas of organisation, management and/or governance.
This means that, after the course, the student shall be able to:
  • Formulate a relevant set of problems based on a chosen subject in the subject areas of organisation, management accounting and control, and leadership
  • Utilise academic studies and assess their relevance to their own study
  • Distinguish and address various theories in the chosen subject
  • Make a justified and relevant selection of theoretical grounds for their own study
  • Choose and justify the method for the study with understanding of the selection’s impact on the results of the study
  • In connection to the chosen theory and method, gather information relevant to the chosen problem formulation, objective and research questions
  • Present the gathered information in writing
  • Based on the chosen theory and method, scientifically analyse and answer the research questions and thereby achieve the study’s formulated objective
  • Assess the academic and practical relevance of the results obtained
  • Express him or herself well in writing in a linguistically and academically correct manner
  • Communicate results in a way that is of use to both those very familiar with the subject and those without specific subject knowledge
  • Defend their results
  • Critically review other studies in a constructive and scientific manner

The bachelor thesis is a research study that is written jointly by two students and is reported in writing. Within the scope of the degree project, questions are addressed within organisation, management and/or governance with a scientific approach. The work is subsequently presented and addressed orally and in writing. Each student shall also critically review and oppose other degree projects.

Teaching is provided in the form of meetings, seminars and individual supervision. The course begins with the student writing a brief planning report where the essay’s problem supposition, objective and research questions are discussed. This memorandum shall then be refined in a research proposal. The research proposal and the on-going work are discussed at specially arranged meetings. The student shall then, preferably together with another student, author an academic study and there apply relevant scientific methods. Supervision is provided continuously in consultation with the assigned supervisor.

The course objectives are examined both orally and in writing, through the presented report and during the course’s final review.

Johan Sandström

Literature. Valid from Spring 2018 Sp 3 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
Literature is selected in consultation between the supervisor, examiner and participating students.

Course offered by
Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences

0001Compulsory assignments15.0TG U G#

Study guidance
Study guidance for the course is to be found in our learning platform Canvas before the course starts. Students applying for single subject courses get more information in the Welcome letter. You will find the learning platform via My LTU.

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Syllabus established
by Director of Undergraduate Studies Daniel Örtqvist, Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences 15 Feb 2018

Last revised
by Director of Undergraduate Studies Daniel Örtqvist, Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences 15 Feb 2018