Employers request Motivational interviewing

Published: 31 January 2017

Motivational interviewing is a person-centered communication technique in which the counselor meets the person where she is, looking for the healthy and the internal motivation to change. A knowledge that employers value. The Health Guidance programme at Luleå University of Technology offers a course in Health Psychology and Motivational Interviewing.

Motivational Interviewing, MI, can be used as a sole intervention or as a complement to the various forms of support, counseling, treatment and rehabilitation. The method has its origins in research and clinical work based on what has proven to work best to increase motivation to change. The American Professor William R. Miller and his colleague, psychologist Stephen Rollnick developed the methodology at the University of New Mexico, USA. Motivational interviewing is a person-centered, responsive while guiding method based on the knowledge that all effective and long-term change based on client self-involved and active.