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Hans Gelter

Meet a teacher – Hans Gelter

Hans Gelter is programme director of Experience Production.
– With my big branch network and self-employment, I see myself as a door opener for our students and the door to my office is always open, he says.

Hi there, who are you?

– Wow, tough question – a 55 year old experience freak and outdoor enthusiast, some would say, ingrained academics says others. Also a tourist entrepreneur, archipelago entrepreneur, parent of young children, biologist, etc.. You can say a multicultural guy born in Bergslagen of Austrian parents who has a lot going on. I like challenges and to participate in creative projects.

In what courses students meet you?

– I teach our main area courses called Experience Knowledge in grades one and two and is in degree project course in year three and the tourist courses. But I also show up in other courses as service and hospitality etc.

How are you as a teacher?

– I think I can be perceived as demanding as I want our students to be challenged and to grow and to meet high academic standards, while they should have industry-related information on the courses and develop their entrepreneurial side. With my big branch network and self-employment, I see myself as a door opener for our students and the door to my office is always open. Sometimes I feel more like a mentor than a teacher.

Why is teaching so much fun?

– There are many things that make me feel comfortable as a teacher. To follow the students' development over three years is a great privilege and experience. Being able to share my experiences and knowledge and feel that I can contribute something to other people's lives and futures is a great privilege. Then to inspect and challenge students' creativity and entrepreneurial spirit is extremely exciting and fulfilling.

What do you want students to get from your classes?

– That it is really fun and challenging to work in the creative and cultural industries and a privilege to work with and for other people and their experiences. I also wish that they get with a scientific approach in their daily and future careers to more professionally solve the challenges they encounter and to not fool yourself or fooled by others.

Why study experience production at Luleå University?

– Partly because it is a unique education in the nation that makes you stand out in the crowd after graduation, partly because education in a unique way focuses on the fastest growing future industry experience industry, which enables you to have unique skills and a deep understanding of why experience is becoming more important in people's lives.