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School Development Issues in focus

Published: 6 September 2012

After fifteen years as a primary school teacher and four years of school improvement issues Annika Lindblom came in contact with the masters degree in educational sciences. The training was then new and Annika got a place in the first graduating class here at LTU.

During her working years, Annika continuously studied and the step to master studies didn't seem so great a leap.

- I want to understand the background, what is behind the school culture, organization and leadership in school and then this training a good foundation to build on, says Annika.

She is now in the third year of four in the training given with a gathering per month. In front of her, she has essay writing and are busy preparing for this.

- The training has been very responsive towards my needs and interests. We have had the great opportunity to tailor studies to our specific goals with them and I have always worked on the basis of my thesis topic.

A master's degree in educational sciences prepares the student for development or management positions in early childhood, school, and leisure activities, as well as higher education or other educational activities. The program also provides a good foundation for research.

- It has always been my own curiosity that pushed me. I want to be in the learning learningprocess to be credible in my role as a teacher. Research has not been my primary goal, so it is currently unclear whether I will choose to research further. But I close no doors, we'll just see where the future holds, says Annika.