Photo: Asa Engstrom

Recruitment day attract nurses to specialist training

Published: 19 February 2013

Throughout the country there is a shortage of specialized nurses, only at the Sunderby hospital, 100 nurses with specialist training to be missing on a five-year period. During the recruitment day LTU and Norrbotten County Council were spreading information on the various specializations.

It was on Sunderby hospitals the different parts of the specialist training programes were shown. Participants could follow a patient who had been in a car accident, with removal from the car to the hospital emergency room and on to surgery and intensive care.
- We run various specialist courses in consultation with the County Council, where we know there is a shortage or to cover future needs. But since there is a shortage across the country, many of our students come from southern Sweden, says assistant professor Åsa Engstrom, Luleå University of Technology.

Jeanette Viklund, care manager at NLL, believes that it is primarily a lack of intensive care and surgical nurses. Through various efforts, they try to attract nurses to further education, including a study salary of SEK 12 000 per month, which is searchable by the county.
- It is looked into which areas are in shortage and the number of applicants. It also happens that the study salary is distributed one semester each, so that more people will receive education support, says Jeanette Viklund.

During the recruitmentday was about 30 interested nurses attending.
- They were very active and asked a lot of questions about the different specializations, so it feels like the majority were highly relevant to search further, Jeanette Vilkund continues.

In March, similar recruitment efforts will be made in Gällivare and Kiruna for nursing students, specialist students and master's students in nursing.

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For more information contact Asa Engstrom, assistant professor.