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A varied and instructive occupation

Published: 17 January 2013

The need for surgical nurses is great. Anna Thelin is one of many who got a job immediately after graduation. - It is a profession that is very exciting, varied and instructive. The best part is that we work in teams and may focus on one patient at a time.

Anna Thelin received her nursing degree in 2007 at LTU and three years later on she trained to theater nurse. Her interest was awakened when she was cleaning in a surgical department. It was a nice bunch who was working there and she saw this department as a pleasant place to work.

Working in teams

In the basic training for nurses they did a studyvisit in a surgical department and the students cpuld also spend day at the department to see if surgical nurse could be something for them. Annas interest increased for the education.

- The Operation Division is an exciting place. I'm very curious and I learn something new every day.

Anna says that the job of theater nurse differs from working as a nurse, when she could be alone with 21 patients. She likes to work in a close team and with one patient at a time.

- The work is very varied and you never know what happens, since emergency surgeries are mixed with planned. One day is not like the other.

Rotating work schedule

The job as theater nurse can be rotating, and that is how they work at the surgical department in Sunderbyn. This means that Anna works five weeks at each module, such as the surgeon, orthopedic, gynecologist, ears, nose, throat and urologist.

- As a surgical nurse, one must be careful to maintain sterility and counting instruments and cloths so everything is correct before and after an operation. I will assist the doctor and have to be alert and awake. Every day thera are new challanges, and I like that.

Profession in shortage

In the current situation the county can pay for, or provide different support for further training if it is a profession in shortage onr has a permanent position. Anna feels that there is a serious shortage of specialized nurses in intensive care, surgical, anesthetic and midwifery.

- As it is today, there are not enough specialized nurses in these areas and there is a great need throughout the country. There is a great chance to get a job if you want to do further education, says Anna Thelin.