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Arash Vahdat in conversation with students in accounting.

Students create together

Published: 12 June 2013

Composers, computer graphics and computer game developers have collaborated with the development of four computergames. It is the second time the students get the chance to meet over program and campus boundaries.

When the results of this spring's work was featured in the Academy of Music in Piteå auditorium were students from both LTU Piteå and Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå in place, along with respective program supervisor. From programs Computer Graphics and Computer Engineering is a total of 25 students with computer games development course in Computer Games Production. The music for the games, in collaboration, composed of students from the Music, artistic candidate.

- The cooperation was initiated by the students as early as last year, and since it worked so well, we wanted to do it again. The students have really impressed with their independence, they have run the groups as small businesses and taking on a challenge that not even established developers would embark on, says Arash Vahdat, tutor for students in Skellefteå.

- To compose music can be a very solitary work so it has been interesting to create a group, a genuine team effort. In addition, we now have the chance to work on someone else's vision, which has been instructive, says music student Ola Moum and is backed by fellow student Kristin Boussard

- We have both been working together within our own group of music students in addition to collaboration with computer graphics and computer game developers. It has been both challenging and fun to be so many people involved in a creative process.

Photo: Anna Åström
Johan Ramström, lecturer and tutor for music students at Luleå University of Technology Photo: Anna Åström
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Graphical Artists: Fredrik Ortmon Arvid Burström Kristoffer Öhnell Programmers: Viktor Aron Hansson Wahlberg Anna Maria Järverud Musicans: Jörgen Pour Ola Moum