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Degree production 2019

Published: 7 April 2019

With the departure class at Teaterhögskolan

A political documentary about a city, a tiger and stripes that never goes out.

The tiger is a play about a city somewhere in Europe. An old town center with pedestrian street, a center for shopping and charming little squares. A city park, a residential area and a residential area. And so the area outside it, on the other side the tracks where one would not like to go.

In other words, a completely normal city.

Until something abnormal happens suddenly.

A tiger holds from the city zoo and walks freely around the city streets for several hours.

This is a story of tiger Michaela and of all those who met her that day.
In the playful mocumentary of Gianina Carbunari, the story of the Tiger becomes a political satire about our time.

April 13-May 11 at Norrbottensteaterns Scen 2, Norra Strandgatan 3-5. Tickets are booked at .


Welcome to audience genre and genre at Norrbottensteaterns Scen 2! Free entry; pre-registration is required in the form below.

Audience briefing: Tuesday 9 April at. 19:00
Audience cover: Thursday 11th of April at. 19:00
Repeat on Friday April 12 at. 19:00.