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Teacher education at Luleå University of Technology.
Camilla Bergström, prospective teacher.

Via Brighton to classroom

Published: 9 April 2013

In the middle of april teacher student Camilla Bergström changes campus studies towards a months experience (internship) in Brighton, England.

Camilla Bergstrom started her teacher education immediately after high school, but after a car accident, she was forced to discontinue her studies for a long rehabilitation.

- I lost both reading and writing abilities after the accident. The letters just danced on the paper in front of me. Short-term memory also deteriorated and I became very bad at dealing with stress, it was scary, says Camilla.

After a few months Camilla was able to read short sentences again. When a year has passed she felt like her old self again, although she says she still can feel the consequences of the accident.

- I think I may have a greater understanding for students who are struggling to read and write in school, thanks to my own experiences. Nothing bad that is not for any good, says Camilla.

Experiences in English

Halfway through education Camilla Bergstrom will travel to Brighton, England, for four weeks of internship. The  scholl is Hove Park School and Camilla describes it as a relatively large secondary school where she will have the opportunity to follow several different teachers to get as broad an understanding as possible of the English school system.

- I want to be surrounded by the English culture, not only the language but i also want to take part of the culture both inside and outside the school environment. There are so many aspects that are interesting. Everything from how their curriculum looks at how social interaction is different from school in Sweden, says Camilla.

When Camilla looks ahead, she sees the teaching profession as a demanding but varied, work where her social and outgoing personality works for her.

- I look forward to being in a classroom and sharing my knowledge and my experiences. The reward is to see when students understand, their joy in learning. I find it hard to imagine anything more rewarding. I really want to become a teacher, says Camilla.

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