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Material technology

Published: 18 March 2022

The green transition is taking place now and as a materials engineer you can be involved in developing the entire product chain. Material development precedes technology development and has done so at all times, it is through material development that many challenges are overcome and new boundaries are set.

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The research at Engineering Materials focuses on designing new and novel materials with low environmental footprint and ease of recycling for energy and environmental applications. The research is following the vision of I) reducing dependance on fossil fuels and fossil-based materials in materials industry and II) leading the pathways to achieve clean air and water for everyone. We use biobased based and naturally occurring materials to engineer novel structured materials for green fuel production such as biogas, energy saving such as biobased insulation for houses, clean air such as sorbents for carbon capture and conversion and NOx capture and reduction to improve air quality for human health.

The research at Engineering Materials is well reputed and researchers at LTU in collaboration with researchers in Sweden and around the globe have joint research projects to develop new and innovative materials for a fossil free society.

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Material development for the green transition.
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