Student projects on sustainable energy

Published: 9 December 2016

Interesting talks in the field of energy and sustainability were given when final year students at the MSc Programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering presented their projects.

The "HET-day" at Luleå University of Technology is organized every year in conjunction with students at the MSc Programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering present projects conducted in different companies. There were also presentations by company representatives in which they, among other things, informed about employment opportunities they can offer students.

The students also had a poster presentation where tutors and students could ask questions.

Learns to solve problems

Mia Holappa and Jonas Burström, students at the MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering, had worked for Vasa Värme in Kalix to suggest changes in the control system to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

– The program gives us not only theoretical knowledge but we also become very good at solving problems. That is mainly what we can bring from the education into the workplace. What was most fun with the project was to get out in reality, at a facility, and work with real tasks, says Mia Holappa.

– We have learned that theory and practice do not always go together. The things you learn at the university provides a very good foundation to stand on, while it has been very interesting to start a project and finish it, and then compare with what it would have looked like if we only followed the books. It has been very exciting, says Jonas Burström.

Research at the forefront

Another group was Joel Andersson and Elina Mikaelsson who had worked on a method for flow measurement in a hydroelectric plant for Vattenfall.

– To work in Matlab is something we have done much before in the education. Now we could apply it to a real problem and work with something that is on the cutting edge of research. It has been very fun and interesting, not least to feel that we have been able to help our client Vattenfall, says Joel Joelsson.

– We have learned a lot about hydropower but also how important it is to be thorough in calculations. We have had to start all over a few times since we made some sloppy mistakes we could not identify. If you write a long code, it gets harder and harder to locate the error, says Elina Mikaelsson.

The HET-day ended with a dinner that the students had planned. Toastmaster, spex (theatre) and happy participants provided a good foundation for a successful ending to the event.