"There is something special about Luleå"

Published: 23 January 2018

Already at the age of 13, Tintin Tingrot from Kungsbacka decided that she would live in Luleå. After high school and two sabbatical year she applied to Luleå University of Technology, where she is now studying the second year at the Master Programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering.

It was when Tintin Tingrot visited Luleå and her friend's relatives that she fell in love with the city. Now, when she lives here a few years later, the same positive feelings are still there.

– It's something special about Luleå. The proximity to nature, the silence, the atmosphere, the seasons, the ice rivers and the starry winter nights. I can not exactly pinpoint what it is; it is probably the combination that makes it special.

A friendly atmosphere

Like most other students, Tintin Tingrot lives directly adjacent to campus, something that creates a special community. According to her, student life is not just about to study but it is important to also enrich your time as a student with what feels fun.

– The family feeling is the best of being a student at Luleå University of Technology. It is a wonderful mix of people who moved far from home, you meet people from all over Sweden and from different programs. A difference I hear from friends who study at other universities is that we spend a lot of time together in Luleå. I myself love yoga and to drink tea with my friends. We do a lot of fun things like going to a Christmas concert, taking walks in the woods or going to Stuk (the night club at the university). As long as you want and plan your time you can combine studies with other activities

Lot of things to do

Something that Tintin Tingrot would like to highlight is that there is much to be involved in at the university. It can be festivity groups or to participate in any of the student sports sections that organize trips. She is now the exhibition manager for Luleå's Labor Week, LARV, which takes place on January 24th.

– 110 companies come to the fair to meet students and inform about their business and job opportunities. In the evening we have mingle and a banquet. It's fun working with fairs, you meet many interesting people and there is a lot to organise. I have also been a M-Jet exhibition manager, which is the machine section's trade fair for ex-jobs.

Committed to improve the environment

Tintin Tingrot chose to study the Master Programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering. A choice that feels logical when she talks about her concern for the environment.

– I have travelled a lot and seen parts of the world where I wonder how we can abuse the earth as we do. A driving force for me is to be part of improving the environment, working for sustainable thinking all over the world. We do many good things in Sweden, but can definitely become better. There are many generations after us who will live on our planet. It feels like I have chosen a good education considering what I want to contribute with.

As for the future, Tintin Tingrot has a fairly relaxed attitude, she has no clear career plan, instead she believes that things will solve themselves naturally.

– I think I will meet someone who inspires me a lot and start to work where it feels right. It's important to feel that I can contribute where I am. But life is long, there will be many opportunities.

Easy to get to know people

Finally, Tintin Tingrot answers the question whether she has any advice for anyone that considers studying at Luleå University of Technology

– Do not be afraid, take the opportunity! It's a wonderful city and a wonderful university where people know each other very well although we live far away from home. We take care of each other. You do not have to be worried that you will not meet people, you will get to know a lot. This means that you will have a large network after your studies. I find it hard to see that anyone would not like it here.

Do you have a question for Tintin? Email her at: tintin-4@student.ltu.se

Photo: Ted Karlsson