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Photo: Angie Gray/ESBRI

Grand slam for Industrial and Management Engineering students

Published: 31 January 2020

94 entries from universities and colleges throughout Sweden came in – but both first and second prizes in the degree project competition Nytt&Nyttigt went to students from Luleå University of Technology's Industrial and Management Engineering programme.

Winners Ebba Andersson and Kajsa Eckerwall are awarded travel grants of SEK 30,000 for their degree project "Enabling Successful Collaboration on the Digital Platforms in the Manufacturing Industry - A Study of Digital Twins".

– An important conclusion in our study is that manufacturing companies cannot focus solely on technological development. They must also address management and organizational issues. Otherwise, they will not be able to take advantage of the benefits of technology, says Kajsa Eckerwall.

Establish companies abroad 

Second prize winners Karin Nilsson and Paulina Sawicki, who receive travel grants of SEK 20,000, are interested in companies that establish themselves abroad shortly after they are founded, so-called born globals. The degree project "Internationalization challenges among born globals: A roadmap for higher success" identifies the eight challenges that this type of business can face.
– The biggest challenges for born global companies are that they lack both networks and partners, and that they are new and thus unknown in the market, says Paulina Sawicki.

Supervisor for the first project were Wiebke Reim, Associate Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and the for latter Sara Thorgren, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The third prize winners in the competition came from Linköping University.

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